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The short-story of Sophie Cathrine Wilhelmine Petersen

Sophie Cathrine Wilhelmine KLAUEN was born on 17 Aug 1824 in Vor Frelser, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Her parents were:
Frederik (Johan) FREDE, born in 1798 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and
Sophie Catrine (Cathrine) Brigitte MOLLER, born 11 Nov 1798 in Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

She married:
on:  date?
[Spouse #1]  Peder PETERSEN, born on 21 Mar 1815 in  Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

She bore him 7 children:
[Child #1]  Peter PETERSON, born on 11 Oct 1846 in Lundtofte, Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark.
[Child #2]  Sophie PETERSEN, born on 6 Dec 1847 in Gentofte, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
[Child #3]  Thomas PETERSON, born on 19 Oct 1848 in Hovmark, Gentofte, Copenhagen, Denmark.
[Child #4]  Mariah PEDERSON, born on 9 Nov 1851 in Hoighsminde, Gentofte, Copenhagen, Denmark.
[Child #5]  Ane Johanne (Smith) PETERSON, born on 31 Dec 1852 in Gentofte, Kobenhavn, Denmark, Denmark.
[Child #6]  Otto August PETERSEN, born on 26 Apr 1854 in Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
[Note]  Emma Sophie PETERSON, age 5, is listed with them on the passenger manifest for the Thornton and on the company roster for the handcart company.

At some point she divorced from Peder PETERSEN.

Having already buried daughter Sophie (25 days old) and daughter Mariah (4 months old) she left Denmark with her remaining children and went to Liverpool, England where she joined the company of Latter-day Saints under the leadership of Captain James G. Willie heading to America on board the ship Charles Thornton.

They set sail from Liverpool, England on 3 May 1856 with 764 Mormons. They arrived in New York on 15 Jun 1856 (44 days).

[Note]  Thomas PETERSON is said to have died during the sea voyage having fallen through an open hatch and buried at sea.  One death date listed of 2 Jan 1856 is at odds with this report.  This needs more research.

They then traveled en mass by train through Albany, Buffalo, and Chicago, reaching Iowa City on 26 Jun 1856 (nearly 2 weeks).

Leaving Iowa City with the ill-fated Willie handcart company, she, with her young children pushed and pulled their handcart 1300 miles to the Salt Lake Valley, Utah.  They endured many hardships.

Sophie Cathrine Wilhelmine KLAUEN Petersen made it to Zion and died on 17 Mar 1898 in Fairview, Sanpete, Utah just shy of her 74th birthday.
Ane Johanne PETERSON also survived the trek and died 7 Jan 1908 in Salina, Sevier, Utah, where she is buried.
Emma Smith PETERSEN died 22 Nov 1900 and is buried in Manti, Sanpete, Utah.
Otto August PETERSEN at the tender age of 1 completed the trip.  He died 22 Jan 1915 in Cedaredge, Delta, Colorado where he is buried.

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